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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook to warn users about risky links

Facebook adopted a warning service to help users avoid clicking on dubious internet links, with a website ratings system developed by a Finnish startup.

The new warning service by Helsinki-based Web of Trust (WOT) helps Facebook boost security for its more than 500 million users, amid growing concerns of online scams, spam and malware.

WOT's software calculates the reputation of 31 million web pages and updates the ratings twice an hour, based on feedback from some 20 million users.

With the new feature, an improvement to its existing safety-scanning system, a click on a link to a low-reputation website prompts a warning message. The ratings are based on the input of some 20 million people and data from information security companies that blacklist harmful websites.

Facebook declined comment on the volume of security attacks and the value of the deal with WOT was not disclosed.

WOT's investors include Michael Widenius, founder of open-source database MySQL. The startup sees itself breaking even in the summer on turnover set to reach between 2 million euros ($2.8 million) and 3 million this year, said Vesa Perala, WOT's managing director.

"Our target is to reach 50 million users by the end of this year and 100 million active users is the aim in the long term," Perala said.

Online Relationship Tips For Couples

Having an online relationship is risky for a few couples to follow since there are multiple things that tag along in these types of relationships. This type of relationship is not at all easy as one thinks it to be since there is certain ways to make these kinds of relationship last.

For those of you who are in a serious relationship with that certain someone online, the most important thing you would follow is trust and to be loyal with your partner in every way possible. However, in an online relationship building that trust can sometimes be difficult.

Here are some tips to establish and maintain a good online relationship with someone you feel is right for you.

1.Communication is very important for every relationship whether online or offline. Keeping a good communication with your partner helps to know each other better and thus builds on the relationship making it last longer.

2.When you are online with someone, make sure that your thoughts are in the screen only. Avoid distractions as it can be a real hindrance to your relationship as it will seem you are not interested and also in a way disrespectful.

3.It does not mean since you are a part you cant get naughty. If you and your partner are well known to each other and have taken the relationship to another level, sending him/her naughty messages and pics can spice up the love you share. Pay attention though to what you send as it can be really risky.

4.Download good chat software to be in touch. Skype, Yahoo messenger, msn and even Google chat enables this type of relationship to last longer as it provides to you the ability to see your partner where ever he/she is etc through the from of clear video features.

5.There are various types of things you can do to keep an online relationship alive following these tips above. For instance you can send her flowers and other treats online. For him you can make his day by writing a short poem or sending across something that would excite him like a surprise gift or even a love letter.

These are some of the tips you can maintain an online relationship. Build on important traits for a relationship to last longer and you will see the difference.

Please Stay Away From Online Dating

There are many incidents which have happened in the past in relation to online dating where either the boy or girl was in deep danger and have even lost their life over this silly service if you might call it!

If you are sitting at your computer right now and googling the best online dating sites, keep in mind these dangers of online dating sites before you enter your name in that little white user name space.

1.You are true to yourself and with all hope in search of true love. But, have you thought for a second if there are people who are just like you signing up on these online dating sites? After a search done, it showed that the most common danger of online dating was that most of the males enrolled are either married looking for a single woman just to have an affair and trust me you don't want that!

2.Another danger of online dating is that the information you upload on yourself is all misused and there was one instance when the picture of a close friend was put up on a porn site which was unbelievable! All Online dating sites have a description where you need to fill your profile, so be careful not to fill in too much of personal information as it can be really risky for you.

3.One last thing to keep in mind if you join an online dating site is to never trust the person at once. Learn the true side of him/her and then show interest. One of the most common dangers of online dating is that some who sign up just come with the onset of passing time without actually looking for true love, which you might be looking for , so try not to get lured into wrong hands.

Beware the dangers of online dating for you might be the next victim to not fall in love but rather the person to stop believing in love!

Is Facebook The Next Google?

Facebook has taken the world by rage since the time of inception and from being a tool to contact friends across the world, Facebook has now grown up to be a major source of traffic to websites, according to the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

According to the research done on 25 top news websites for the first nine months of 2010, Google and Yahoo have constituted to be the major contributors to pageviews and it has also been noticed that the users landed on the home page of the website more than inside pages. Apart from these two major sources which constitute for most of the pageviews for a news website, Facebook is "rapidly becoming a competing driver of traffic," reported the study.

The reason for Facebook being a traffic driving tool for news websites is being reasoned as a change in the user behaviour. The study author explains, that searching news was the user behaviour since several decades but at present with Facebook being the most efficient communicative tool, sharing news has become prevalent. Thus, Facebook becomes the traffic driving tool for websites. Understanding these nuances, now even websites specially the news websites have started using Facebook as promotional tools.

With Facebook growing up to be the traffic driving tool, it is soon coming up to a competitor for Google. Facebook and Google do not divert traffic to each other. Though Google still remains to be one of the major traffic sources, Facebook with it's popularity and growing number of users is resulting in diverting almost the same number of users to the website.

Learn While You Dream

Psychology has yet not reached to a perfect definition for dream. Some researchers say that dream is the playback of all that we have witnessed in the day, another research say that we dream about our surroundings and some believe that dreams are the reflection of our sub conscious mind.

A new research claims that dreams boost learning. According to researchers of the study, people who take a nap and dream about a task they've learned end up performing it better than people who have not slept or people who have slept but not dreamt over it.

To reach this conclusion, researchers had done an experiment on a group of people. They were asked to watch a three dimension maze on a computer so that they could find their way to a landmark (a tree) when they were plopped down at a random location in five hours of time.

It was noticed that people who were allowed to take a nap and had dreamt about it, reached the location on time.

"We at first thought that dreaming must reflect the memory process that's improving performance. But when you look at the content of the dreams, it was hard to argue that," said Robert Stickgold of Harvard Medical School.

After the experiment the candidates were asked what they had dreamt about. Some participants recalled just the music from the computer maze.

One subject reported to be dreaming about people at particular checkpoints in the maze, even though the real maze didn't have any people or checkpoints.

Another said he dreamt about a bat caves which looked like the maze.

"We think that the dreams are a marker that the brain is working on the same problem at many levels. The dreams might reflect the brain's attempt to find associations for the memories that could make them more useful in the future," Stickgold said.

This does not say that dreams led to better memory, it rather proves that when we are asleep, our unconscious mind tries to wok out the problem. It can be concluded that dreams are essentially a side effect of that memory process.

What Is The Meaning Of Your Dream?

Do you ever try to find meaning of your dream? Have you wondered why was your dream so weird? The answer from most of you will be yes. Phychological meaning of dreams by Sigmund Freud is that dreams are the interpretation of the unconscious mind and serves to gratify the unconscious wishes and longings. Other theories say that it is the replay of the whole days work and understanding in an haphazard manner, which thus, makes no sense. We dream in the fifth stage of sleep which is also called the REM sleep. This is recognised as the stage with increased brain activity. To a layman, these theories have their own importance but what we are interested in is to understand our dreams.

So, here are some common dreams and their meaning -

1.Failing A Test – This dream is very common during our exams but is also prevalent among professionals. You might dream of not reaching the exam room on time, of missing the exam date, or spilling ink on the paper etc. The meaning of this dreams is that you are feeling tested in some way in your life and you are playing the wrong role.

2.Falling – This is the most common dream and happens mostly on the day when one is very tired and reaches the REM dream stage quickly. The meaning of this dream is that one unconsciously has the sense of losing on respect, financial difficulties, relationship etc. Sometimes with such dreams we wake up with a jolt, it's the wake up call which means it's time to take some action.

3.Being Chased – This is one of the common dreams. A more appropriate word would be a nightmare. Mostly , the person chasing us would be a monster or sometimes as person you have never seen before. Psychologically, such dreams mean that the brain is showing you a deep embedded fear maybe from some past experience. Regular chasing dreams needs attention.

4.Trapped Or Lost – Another such nightmare is of being trapped. The meaning of this dream is that one in the unconscious mind is conflicting with two ideas and don't know how to move out of it. Such dreams are often accompanied with the feeling of fear. Try to evaluate what is it that you have left undecided.

5.Animal – One of the most weird dreams is that of animals. In the dream you will find yourself being at awe of a beautiful animal, which sometimes is friendly to you but maybe on some other occasion goes wild. Unpleasant animal dreams is often said to be brains way of picturing the animal as fear. Brain uses animal as the interpretation of fear to make sure that you don't get extremely scared or is the brains way to escape from picturing the honest description.

You might have also noticed that you remember only the most weird dreams or the dreams which you see in the morning. Why don't you remember dreams? Scientifically, brain neuro-chemicals during sleep is very different from that when we are awake and the second reason often stated is that our mind is often of an escapist nature, so, we tend to forget the interpretation of the unconscious mind, as it might hinder your future.

Dealing With Children Who Fail In Exams!

Long nights, tiring days and a painful mind was what most school children and teens were going through the whole of last month. With board exams, school examinations and college exams , most kids and teenagers were in a frenzy, studying their level best to achieve a great number on their certificate.

It is almost time now for the results to be announced and for almost all kids, teenagers and parents it is a time they are griping their teeth anxiously waiting for the what the outcome might be, which is 'the results'!

There will be tears of joy when you see your child looking at her/his marks card and if something bad has to happen (God Forbid ) here is what you should do, for your child.

1.Failure is a stepping stone to success. Tell your child that you still love him/her and that failure is not the end of the road for there is always a next time to achieve something greater.

2.If your child has failed in the examination, show some support even though this kills you too. Being there by the side of your child and encouraging him/her , helps them learn from their failures.

3.Don't impose your ideas and rules at this period as the child is already in an unstable mind frame and imposing ways to study might just hinder his thought that he/she is hopeless and good for nothing. Just be there and comfort your child if he/she has failed in the examination.

4.Make you child understand that failure is a part of reality and some day or the other we all have to accept it. Listen to what he/she has to say as this is the time when you need to be a patient parent for the situation is very delicate.

5.If your child has failed in the examination, do not make the mistake of cheering them instantly thinking that they will get over it. This situation takes time to heal and it will only fade away if you are close to your child, helping him/her get over this period of failure.

6.If your child has failed in the examination, never leave them alone at any given point of time as they are capable of doing something stupid.

7.As for parents, no doubt you feel let down after your child has failed in the examination. But, if you think you are not good in handling the situation, ask for help, which the best is from a psychologist!

Go slow on your children and take one step at a time during this examination period.

Benefits Of Being Single

Everyone seems to be in love and for those of you who are single are in depression,why should you be? There are a lot of advantages from which you can smile about. Men who are single care less about being in love for there a lot of things that you can enrich in ones life.

Here are the benefits for being 'single'!

1.For those single men , your career will be beneficial. This is because , you can enjoy a late night after a hard day's work and you will have no one to answer to when you come home.

2.There is a game of soccer coming up and you want to go for it , but your girlfriend has something else in stored for you that night and you have to miss it. Here is another advantage for those single men out there you need not plan a day for two. There is no need to ask your girlfriends permission to go out and have some fun along with your male buddies.

3.You can have your own personal space. This is very important for everybody. Each one of us would want to have our own little space and in some relationships you cannot breathe. Therefore this is a plus point for those guys who are single.

4.Being single , you are not tied down to anyone special and this indeed is an advantage for those single men. You can flirt with anyone you want to , have a one night stand too and you never get tied down adding to a great advantage.

5.Talk about saving money! When you are single , you can save up loads of money to treat 'yourself'. Spend on those latest gadgets and gizmos that you are longing to get in your hands.

6.You can watch anything you want on your big screen TV. When you are single there are no fights over the remote control. You can watch your favorite game of football at peace with your male buddies.

7.It is quite obvious , when guys are single they spend a lot of time with their friends. They feel that this is an opportunity of being single as there is no responsibilities in terms of having a girlfriend.

You must know that when you are single there are numerous advantages that can make you happy. People who are single, rarely know that they can get to know themselves better. Being single is a good way to live, but being in love is another new direction to venture.

Are Men To Be Believed?

A man is known to tell lies more than a woman. Though all women would blindly agree to it, the men would want a proof for it. If a new study is to be believed, it has confirmed the fact that men tell more lies than women.

According to the study, on an average, a man will tell three lies a day, which makes 1,092 lies a year! Compared to men, woman cook up stories just once a day.

Out of the people who were questioned, 82 per cent of females said telling a lie ate away their conscience but only 70 per cent of men confessed having any guilt.

“Lying may seem to be an unavoidable part of human nature but it’s an important part of social interaction,” said Katie Maggs, who carried out the survey.

What provokes one to tell a lie? Is it the human genes, the evolution or our individual upbringing?”

'I had no signal', 'I’m on my way', 'I’m stuck in traffic', 'Sorry, I missed your call', 'You’ve lost weight', 'It’s just what I’ve always wanted' are some of the most common lies that men come up with.

Ideal Woman – A Dream Or Reality?

We all wish for an ideal life. We get jealous, when we assume someone else has an ideal life, but what is 'ideal'? Ideal is something which is more than perfect. A perfection which we all want to achieve but humanly not possible. With this definition of 'ideal', can there be an ideal woman for a man?

The usual belief that every girl dreams to meet her Mr. Perfect, in the present time, is also true for a man. Every man dreams of an ideal woman. An ideal woman whose idea and impression changes with every relationship mistake. One of my friends since his college days till now has had five relationships, but denies to call himself a flirt. According to him, these relationships were in search of the perfect woman, which he is still looking for and now he has left it on his parents to get him the perfect match. In other words, lost hope.

I can't deny that people never find their ideal match but the number is very less. So, why don't most men find their ideal love and end up in a compromise? I went around with this question to some men and finally came to an understanding, here it is -

1.The guidelines of an ideal women for men is mostly based on the image of someone he looks up to. It can be his parents, sister or a best friend. When one has an image, there is constant comparison. This comparison is so severe that even one mismatch is enough to tell him that it's not the one.

2.Mostly this ideal picture in itself is a bit confusing. They actually do not know what they want. It is based on bookish thoughts and dreams, which seem too unrealistic for the real world. This contradiction between the dream and reality creates the problem.

3.Men have an inbuilt ability of dominating, which gets a more empowering with the girl of his dreams. This domination if not taken by the other sex, is thought to be a discrimination with his idea of ideal woman. Thus, a break up and a wrong conclusion.

Thus, the idea of an ideal woman remains an idea, which a man lives with since his understanding of relationship till his conclusion.