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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meaning of Yoga And Misuse Of Hatha Yoga

What does Yoga truly mean? Yoga has now become a highly misinterpreted term. The meaning of Yoga and its essence is lost in misinterpreted ideas where much or all importance is given to the non essentials.

Yoga in the modern days is pursued largely for everything else other than with the view to realise one's spiritual goal. It is sad that the meaning of Yoga is ignored or merely not known to people who follow it, forget about those who exploit it. Sara Jean Underwood has been video tapped performing nude Yoga asanas, which is featured on Playboy!

It is a pity that Yoga is being reduced to a handmaid for cheap pursuits as mentioned above. Now its more than a million dollar question as to where Yoga is being driven to, starting from beauty parlours to being exploited for more demeaning inclinations.

The Meaning of Yoga

Yoga which emphasises on meditation, forms one among the six schools of thought in Hinduism. It is further classified into Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Jnana Yoga.

The term Yoga would mean 'joined together' It has its root in 'Yuj' in the ancient Sanskrit language which means to unite, to yoke, to control, with the meanings included like joining, uniting, union, conjunction and means. It makes possible the union of body, mind and the spirit.

Sage Patanjali is regarded as the founder of the formal Yoga philosophy and the Yoga Sutras which contains his teachings came to be known as 'Patanjali Yoga Sutras'

The writings of Patanjali also formed the basis for the system called as 'Ashtanga Yoga' or the Eight limbed Yoga, the concept being derived from the 29th Sutra of the 2nd book .

The motive of pursuing Yoga is to realise the unification of the body, mind and the soul.

Misuse Of Hatha Yoga

The meaning of Yoga, today is narrowed down to Hath Yoga or Yoga asanas and Yoga poses which has become widely popular for its non essentials, while the essence of it being union, or the merging of the body, mind and the spirit is neglected.

While some of the misuses of Hatha Yoga (It is said misused owing to the motive or the attitude of the person pursuing it) that may be admitted like adopting Yoga practices for fitness, for de stressing, for getting rid of vices etc, it pains when Yoga is used for sensual pursuits, like Yoga for good sex etc, going much against the actual essence of pursuing Yoga.

Yoga for a beautiful body, Yoga for weight loss, Yoga for flat stomach, Yoga for good skin etc etc have all reduced Yoga to a commercial commodity. It is to be understood that while Yoga can definitely benefit people in the above mentioned aspects, it is actually intended for attaining self realisation, the ultimate purpose of man's existence.

A change in the attitude of a discerning few to pursue Yoga for a higher ideal is no way to going to curtail the benefits that people expect out of the system, as they invariably show up as secondary benefits. An aim for the highest simply accommodates all the other aspects. A Crore rupees accommodates tens, hundreds, thousands and lakhs, to illustrate.

The misuse of Hatha Yoga today pains a person who follows Yoga closely as a means to meet his spiritual goal. To cite an example the Playboy website has featured Sarah Jean Underwood in a video doing Yoga asanas nude, which is not less than an attempt to strangle Hinduism, an age old religion practised by many. Yoga has thus been used for mercantile benefits completely banishing its lofty spiritual essence.

Let us thus keep in mind the meaning of Yoga while practising it. Let us at least have the least sense of responsibility and respect for an age old tradition that originated for a lofty ideal and not to tarnish it by adopting it for trivial, selfish and sensual pursuits.

The world after all has countless ways other than religion and spirituality to meet one's mercantile greed. A few may change and yet a lot may continue with their selfish disposition, who have their intentions based on nothing better than baseness.

While Hinduism is open to the world to partake of its spiritual treasures, its aspect of accommodating all may not be misused.

Jewish Yoga - The New Trend In USA

After the very hype trend of gym and aerobics, people are returning back to the basic and thus, yoga is gaining optimum popularity. Yoga which originated from India is now a hit trend in the United States and also in some other parts of the world. Various establishments and individuals across USA now offer what is termed as “Jewish Yoga”.

In the United States have a association called the "association of Jewish yoga teachers" (to bring teachers and students together to explore their roots in Judaism and yoga), besides a “Torah Yoga Association”. The Torah Yoga Association aims at provided an insight of Jewish wisdom to it's followers through Iyengar yoga and with the study of Jewish texts. The “Gentle Jewish Yoga” offers workshops, classes and retreats in Jewish yoga, meditation and mystical text study.

Apart from this there are many other forms of Yoga. One of them is the "Kabbalah Yoga" . The Kabbalah Yoga offers a “Technique of the 13 Point Prostration". Another type, the claims to be “Iyengar Yoga with a Jewish Bent”.

Yet another programme for Jewish Yoga is the “Yoga and Jewish Spirituality Teacher Training Program”; besides a “200 hour Yoga Teacher''s Training Course For Torah Observant Women”; “Learn yoga with a highly experienced and knowledgeable Torah observant Trainer”, “Yoga for Jewish Women”, etc.

Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism in his statement in Nevada (USA) has expressed that though yoga belongs to Hinduism, it is a world heritage open to be utilized by all. According to Rajan Zed, this helps one to achieve spiritual goals and strengthens one's believe in it.

Explaining more about Yoga, Rajan Zed has referred to Yoga is a "Living Fossil", whose inception traces back to 2000 BCE in the Indus Valley Civilization. The basic aim of Yoga is mental and physical discipline.

Judaism is a monotheistic religion of world’s about 14 million Jews whose most sacred text is Torah. Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about one billion adherents and moksh (liberation) is its ultimate goal.

Green Tea Not Safe During Pregnancy

Green tea has great medicinal values and is a cure/prevention to several health issues but the same can be harmful during pregnancy. Lets look at health risk of green tea during pregnancy.

1.Epigallocatechins(EGCG) – This is a cancer fighting compound in green tea which prvents the body from all types of cancer but the same compound can be dangerous for the baby during pregnancy. This is one of the major health risk of green tea during pregnancy. This compound works on a property called folate, a sort of DNA regulator. This causes birth defects. It is most dangerous when taken few months before the due date and can also lead to anemia.

2.Caffeine – Green tea has caffeine content which if taken in large quantity may lead to miscarriage. Thus, during the first trimesters, one should not exceed consumption of more than one cup of green tea. Other health rish of green tea during pregnancy is birth defects.

Apart from these two health risk of green tea during pregnancy other risks include, low baby weight, deformation, defects are caused to the neural tube, which may lead to still birth. Thu, it's best to avoid green tea during pregnancy or to stick to one cup of tea per day.

Healthy Ways To Take A Walk On Grass

In the 24 hours, do you ever walk barefoot? If you come to think of it, you will realize that you don't walk barefoot ever, not even at house and it thus, restricts the connection of the body to the ground which is very important for wellbeing. Doctors advice, that walking bare foot on grass in the morning is one of the best mantras for healhty living, specially in summer.

Benefits of walking bare foot on grass -

1.Walking bare foot on grass early morning has a cooling effect on the body and helps in balancing the body temperature. Thus, the effect is all the more important for your health in summer.

2.Walking bare foot on grass also helps in improving the blood circulation. Walking activates the muscles in your leg, which helps to pump blood back to the heart, thus resulting in smooth cardiovascular activity and the cool morning atmosphere prevents exhaustion.

3.It is often said it improves eye sight, firstly because it is believed that looking at green sooths your eyes and the eye nerve system are connected to the rare part of the foot. Thus, walking bare foot helps to rejuvinate these nerves, improving eye sight.

4.It also helps in destressing. It worksout muscles and veins which rejuvinates and enhances the energy level of the body. It is also said to buid up bodies immunity system.

Walking bare foot on grass in the morning gets your body in touch with nature and the dew drops play the magic.

Tears Are Good...For Health

When you are sad, upset or in anger, cry it out. This is an universal advice and it helps. It often happens that after crying our heart out, we feel light mentally and are prepared to take decisions. This not only makes your heart off the burden of pain but tears also have health benefits more specific mentally, which directly leads to the healthy being og the body system.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so light and destressed after crying? Here is why -

Health Benefits for Tears -

1.A recent research has claimned that prior to crying when the feeling of hurt, betrayal or sadmess takes over, there is a significant increase in the number and type of stress hormone in the body. With excessive work pressure, emotional impairment, stress has grown up to be a bog problem and has proved to be a threat to overall health and reason for damage to body organs. Accordingto a study ased on experiements which have been going on since a decade, stress havs proved to be causing serious damage to the brain cells. One of the health benefits of treas include reliefing the body off the stress hormones. Natural treats have health benefits as these stress hormones wash out of the system with tears. Thus, giving rest to all the stress related health problems. This health benefit of tears, save serious damage to brain cells which is caused due to over accumulation of stress hormones in the system.

2.According to Dr. William Frey at the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis, the next health benefit of tears is to stimulate the production of endorphins. Endorphins is a natural pain killer and the 'feel-good' hormone. This elevates your mood, making you happy which is good for your health and more specifically promotes healthy heart.

Among other health benefits of tears, as the tear travels through the eye ducts to the nose, the moisture prevents the nose from bacterias. When we cry, we tend to breath heavily, which might lead to inhalation of some bacterias. The moisture, prevents the bacterias from entering the system. So, crying is not bad or anything to be ashamed about. Cry out to be at peace.

Twitter users come together to work on power cut infographic

A bunch of Twitter users have come together to gather information about power cuts in India and make an infographic that will map the geographical spread of power cuts across the country.

It all started when Shefaly Yogendra, a London-based investment consultant, saw a discussion on power cuts on her Twitter timeline and suggested to her friends, "May be you guys SHOULD tweet #powercut with location. The infographic will highlight the need for investment. To many people."

The idea caught on. Users had begun writing about the time and location of the power cuts in their respective areas with the hashtag (a word preceded by a hash sign that helps categorise tweets) #powercutindia. About 28 minutes after the initial discussion, Ajay Kumar (username @ajuonline) put up a web page that had started mapping power cuts in the country on the basis of the tagged tweets. Now the page can be accessed at A Twitter account by the name of @PowerCutsIn has also been employed to collect data.

The page is built on an Ushahidi platform, which provides free software for information collection. The same platform has been used earlier to collect information on incidents of violence in Kenya. While the updates from Twitter are being incorporated on to the map by a team of 11 moderators information received via the smartphone app updates the map automatically. "I'm trying to get some people to code a page that will show the availability of power real-time," says Ajay Kumar, a software engineer working with a Lucknow-based NGO.

First city to be mapped, according to Ajay on Twitter, was Gurgaon. In the first couple of days, 46 reports had been mapped, at a rate of 9.2 reports a day. These reports have further been sorted into categories of "planned", "unplanned", "good news" (indicating no power cuts) and "voltage".

An open Google document, which anyone can read, edit and shared, was also floated online, where people volunteered to do the data crunching, and provide tech support. Those involved are trying to take this beyond an empty data-visualisation exercise and trying to figure out what to do with it. Pitting this data against that of diesel prices and farm output are just some of the suggestions that have come in from users on the same Google document. Others suggested tweeting with pin-codes for better accuracy while representing the data on a map.

"We've got thousands of tweets coming in with this hashtag. We could use all this data to see the number of power cuts that weren't a part of planned load shedding by power companies," says Kumar.

There were discussions about roping in non-Twitter users as well for better reach. "Two companies have already contacted me regarding this, saying they can offer their services for gathering data on the same through mobiles. Nothing has been finalized, though," says Kumar.

Crowdsourcing, or getting a large group of people to provide data on a particular subject, has been a rage ever since the web went social. A similar mapping exercise, which maps mobile network problems in India, already exists online by the name of Mobile Telco #Fail.

In the UK, an online service has started mapping specific medical symptoms that people tweet about to study the spread of diseases. So if the map shows a substantial number of people in your area getting a sore throat and a running nose with fever, you know you shouldn't be taking your sniffles lightly.

The pace at which things are proceeding with this, it's hard to say where this would go. "I have seen many online activism attempts fail. But I just jumped onto this one. People are coming up with some really sensible suggestions. Let's see where this goes," says Kumar.

Get these free software for your PC

Your PC is expensive. Windows is expensive. Your software doesn't have to be. Almost every task you need to accomplish can be done with free software that's as good as or better than commercial applications. What are these gems?

Read on to learn about a few.

Q: I've tried as a replacement for Microsoft Office, but I'm not satisfied. Is there an alternative?

A: Some of the developers of, the free, open-source office suite, left the OpenOffice project to create LibreOffice (, another worthy contender in the open source office suite arena.

Because LibreOffice has its roots in OpenOffice, you'll notice some similarities, but the newer suite offers impressive extras, including compatibility with Microsoft's latest file formats (docx, for example). LibreOffice is also available in many languages. The suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package, an equation editor, and even a database.

With LibreOffice, you can also export to PDF without installing a full-blown PDF creation package. LibreOffice bears watching, too, for it is backed by Google, Red Hat, and some other heavyweights.

Keep in mind that if you have fairly regular access to the internet, Microsoft Office is free via its Web Apps suite, which is compatible with all of the latest Office formats. The Microsoft Web Apps offering contains slimmed-down versions of the desktop suite's big three applications: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Q: Are there good, free image editing programs that work with both photographs and vector drawings?

A: Vector-based graphics, for those that might not know, are those that are built upon geometric primitives rather than composed of millions of pixels, as digital photographs are. The latter are typically referred to as raster-based graphics.

Because vector-based drawings are mathematically based, they can be resized without quality degradation. Raster-based drawings (and photographs) look best at the size at which they were created.

The top raster-based open source packages are Gimp ( and (, while for vector-based drawings, you'll want to try out Inkscape ( and Sodipodi ( You'll probably be pleasantly surprised to find that the features in these applications rival those of their commercial counterparts.

Q: I need to upgrade my hard drive to a larger model. Is there a free program that will copy all of the data so that I don't have to reinstall everything?

A: What you're looking for is called disk cloning software, which essentially copies the contents of an entire hard drive, bit for bit, to another, larger hard drive. You will find this feature in a number of commercial programs, but the free Clonezilla ( does a wonderful job, and the price is right.

Clonezilla does not have a graphical user interface, and it does not run under Windows, although it can clone a Windows hard drive as well as one used for just about any other purpose. Download the Clonezilla ISO file (, and burn it to a recordable CD using a tool such as ImgBurn ( or Active ISO Burner (

Windows 7, too, has a built-in ISO burning tool. If you run Windows 7, just insert a blank, recordable CD, right-click the ISO file, and select Record. Once you've created the Clonezilla CD, which is bootable, shut down your computer and connect your new, larger hard drive. Leave in place the drive you wish to clone. With both source and target drives connected to your computer, re-start it with the Clonezilla CD inserted into your drive.

Clonezilla should load from the CD and begin prompting you for input. Just choose the easy mode, and select drive to drive copying. One caveat: The new drive must be larger than the old drive. When the process is finished, you can remove the old drive and install the new one in its place, and Windows should boot up with the new drive, giving you more space than you had before.

Q: What are the best free tools for cleaning up after programs that leave behind lots of scraps after you uninstall them?

A: You should probably take a multi-pronged approach to this problem. First, either supplement or replace Windows' inconsistent built-in uninstaller with the free Revo Uninstaller ( Revo is not only better at removing programs than Windows' uninstaller is; it also allows you to more selectively uninstall certain components of applications, even if you've installed Revo after the installation of those programs.

Even Revo, though, can leave traces of applications in folders and the Windows registry. To clean up even more, download and run CCleaner (, which can scan your Windows system and remove all kinds of clutter, potentially freeing up significant amounts of hard drive space in the process.